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are curious about the world.
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Creativity & Bravery CAB
When people share a
passion and have a vision,
paths converge. Ideas &
beliefs intersect giving rise to
Cab is one such collective of
individuals who believe in
Making things happen.
Making brands grow.
Making ideas come alive.
We like to teeter on the
fringe of what seems
impossible and has never
been done before.
We want to bring a touch of tomorrow to today,
We want to bring a touch of fantasy to reality
We want to do new things-
For our clients. And for us.
Things that
Be Bold 
Be Honest 
Be True 
Be Accountable 
Be Open
Be Original 
Be Involved
core team
The chances of success increase when
you entrust your work to
experience and
Meet the people who will craft out your
events and experiences
(We're also fun to hang out with..
you can take us up on that)


Experience: 18 years

Speciality: Charmer

Quirk: Teetotaller

In his 18+ working years of his career, 16 years was spent at Wizcraft where he contributed significantly in the growth of its corporate business across markets.

That aside, he's the peoples person in the company. He's quick to identify & grow business leaders and build strong teams. That's because he has the unique ability to rub everyone the right way. Really, he can talk anyone into anything.

If you had to say this the corporate way, we'd say his strength lies in his ability to merge strategic understanding of brand communication and new media opportunities to help build effective experiential brand marketing campaigns & ideas.

Rajesh also always puts the client first. So besides beingthe Founder Partner @ CAB we've made him responsible for overall sales and business development for the organization.



Experience: 15 years

Speciality: Trouble shooter

Quirk: Grumpus

With over 15 years of experience in the Experiential Marketing Industry, he has had the distinction of successfully activating brands across the country. He also has extensive experience in large format International events such IIFA, CWG, Unforgettable tour & Opening Ceremony of the ICC World Cup & IPL.

Utpal is the go-to guy in the company. He's Mr Practical - the straight shooter. He's the first one to call if you want a problem solved. but don't expect him to talk much. He's the strong, silent type. He's had to be to led a large & profitable team of over 120 employees across North & East India for one of India's Largest Event companies. But let him loose at a music festival and you'll realize that Utpal has groove.

So now we're working on making him more sociable. And what better way to do it than make him responsible for overall Business Administration for the Organization.


Experience: 16 years

Speciality: Culture vulture

Quirk: Works the passport

Sushmita Sarmah or Bodo, like everyone calls her, has spend the last 13 years working and the years before that trying to resist a formal education by looking for adventure and reading everything that she could get her hands on. Most of her working years though, were spent in advertising, and the event business, in between spurts of writing (for travel websites like CNNGo and newspapers), travelling and a brief stint at wanting to be a bartender in Paris.

She thinks if she's going to spend her waking days at work – she better be great at it - and likewise, her team. It's her mission to ensure that everyone at CAB is a creative person. And not just because creative people think differently, but because they bring an energy and passion to their work that just makes them fun people to hang with.

And when she's not working, she'll be on a plane. To somewhere. Anywhere.
Preferably to a place where she doesn't know the language or anybody there.
That's her trip.
And that's why she's the creative head of CAB and responsible for the
overall culture and brand image of the company.


Experience: 15 years

Speciality: All-round good guy

Pradeep is a veteran of the Indian Event production industry with over 15 years of experience in Production, Project Planning, Event conceptualization and Logistical Management. He has set norms and practices that are still followed as the best practises in Event Operations.

So needless to say, he's the master of operations. But Pradeep also had a strong creative side. And he's an all-round good guy. His co-workers love him. His vendors love him. And even his clients love him. Much like a one man army - he's always on hand with creative, planning and execution solutions for his clients.

So we've made him responsible for overall production and vendor relationships for the organization.


Experience: 16 years

Speciality: Technophile

Quirk: Jumper

Vikram has over 16 years of work experience out of which he's spent over 14 years in the field of IntegratedMarketing and Event Management with companies such as End to End Marketing Services, Solutions Integrated Marketing Services and Wizcraft International Entertainment Pvt Ltd.

His key skills include, Campaign Designing and Implementation, Database generation, Data analysis, Lead Generation, Direct Marketing, Consumer Activation, Audience Generation and Profiling.

Now, you would think Vikram is a geek. And that might be true too. But there's this other side to vikram - he jumps of bridges, planes, cliffs, anything that's high enough. And he does this all over the world. Let
Vikram loose in any country and he'll find himself a bike to ride and something to jumps off.

And since we couldn't put him in charge of adventure, we've made him responsible for overall processes and technology for the organization.

our labour of love
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